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Not Exactly Peer Review is a column for debunking pseudoscience, presenting the facts against issues like the alkaline water fad and the financial greed that drives the non-GMO project.

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8 Ways Doing SciComm Benefits You as a Scientist

“You’re a scientist; that’s awesome! So… what do you do?” We’ve all been there; friends and family ask about our research out of politeness without expecting to understand it. People believe science is the realm of scientists, and who can...

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Fixing How We Learn (and Teach) Chemistry—A Game Electrons Play

Chemistry lessons—at both high school and college level—often begin with atomic structure and bond classification. This foundation proves inadequate for predicting reactions and breaks down entirely when used to explain more advanced physical chemistry concepts, such as quantum theory. By...

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The Trouble with Believing that Aliens Exist

How nice would it be if we weren’t alone in the Universe? Many believe that somewhere in the vast cosmos, there exist intelligent life forms (‘aliens’) simply waiting for human contact. While there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful of such...

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The Natural Products Association Profits Off Misinformation

Within the food, cosmetic and personal care industries, there exists a growing demand for ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products. However, the public’s desire for natural ingredients and sources is based on the clever marketing of misinformation and pseudoscience. And leading this...