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Have trouble understanding classes and lectures? We build the foundations, then work toward a complete and comprehensive understanding of science concepts.

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Moles, Molarity and Molality

Chemistry usually involves tiny molecules and huge numbers. Using the humble mole unit makes otherwise complex calculations easy! Learn what moles represent, and their usefulness in molarity and molality calculations.

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Acids and Bases, pH and Buffers

When we study pH, what we’re really studying is the chemistry of water. Water is a good solvent that can dissolve many substances, and its ability to regulate its ions allows for a wide range of chemical reactions to take...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Literature Review

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into a graduate program and you’re thrilled with the prospect of doing groundbreaking research work. But hang on a minute; before diving straight into a new project, it is worth taking some time to perform a...

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Medicinal Chemistry: Lead Modification and Optimization

Medicinal chemistry lays the foundation for the drug discovery process. A strong lead compound increases the chances of a pharmaceutical company developing a strong drug candidate, with better chances of success later on. Once a lead compound or ‘hit’ has...