FTLOScience (formerly ‘The Skeptical Chemist’) is a science publishing and education platform. We believe that – in addition to being fascinating – learning about science arms us with the tools necessary for logical thinking and evidence-based decision-making.

We publish 'popular science' articles across four categories that portray the natural world through science-tinted lenses, deconstructing complex topics into easy-to-understand pieces for the general public. 

Comprehensive guides on science topics at the university/college level, first building the foundations before tackling the hard stuff. Designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of scientific theories.

chocolate vegetables sweet bitter ftloscience

Why We Love Sweet Foods but Hate Vegetables

Throughout our evolutionary history, our ancestors faced numerous challenges that impeded their survival, such as hostile climates and potential predators. In terms of food, they also faced two distinct types of dangers. On one hand, food is essential to sustain...

identical drugs pattern ftloscience me too drugs post

Me-Too Drugs – Innovation Killers or Backbone of Drug Discovery?

‘Me-too’ or ‘follow-on’ drugs are the copycats of the drug discovery landscape. Taking inspiration from existing drugs and making small modifications to them, many new therapies have been developed in this manner. Despite their reputation for lacking novelty and innovation,...

cat sniffing catnip ftloscience

The Chemistry of Cats and Catnip

If you didn’t already know, cats love catnip (also known as catmint)! The mere smell of the plant drives many felines into a state of euphoria, strangely eliciting the same sequence of playful behavior. The catnip response highlights a unique...

silhouette of alien ftloscience

The Trouble with Believing that Aliens Exist

How nice would it be if we weren’t alone in the Universe? Many believe that somewhere in the vast cosmos, there exist intelligent life forms (‘aliens’) simply waiting for human contact. While there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful of such...