For the Love of Science

We were all scientists once; as kids, we would constantly ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ to satisfy our natural curiosity about the world. However, this love for questioning is slowly worn away, such that when we become adults, we simply accept things as they are—hesitant to use science in our daily lives.

At FTLOScience, we want to bring back the sense of wonder we felt as kids. We go beyond what is taught in textbooks, writing about the latest scientific discoveries in ways that both scientists and non-scientists can appreciate. We want to show the world that science is for everyone; that scientific literacy enables us to make better decisions, question those in authority and lead more fulfilling lives.

Many news and social media outlets exaggerate science stories and scientific claims. As scientists, our commitment to the scientific method is shown by the rigorous fact-checking and referencing process that our articles are subject to. We only publish scientifically accurate information that our readers can trust.