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Is Open Access Really the Ideal Future for Academic Publishing?

February 20, 2023|

Open access should be the exciting new frontier of academic publishing, where papers are accessible to the public completely free of charge. Yet the problems with such a system go beyond researchers paying higher publishing [...]

  • lab relocation follow PI ftloscience post

Your Lab is Relocating—Should You Follow Your PI?

February 8, 2023|

Your PI has accepted a job at another institution and has offered you a position in their new lab. As a graduate student or research staff, news like this isn’t uncommon; such is the nature [...]

  • improving scientific literacy with scicomm ftloscience post

Boosting Scientific Literacy Through SciComm

January 4, 2023|

Society suppresses the sense of curiosity we have as children, causing us to grow into scientifically illiterate adults. This behavior is passed on to their children; humanity is trapped in a cycle of ignorance. We [...]