Corporate Partnerships

If our business and social goals align, we would love to work with you! We offer several marketing packages to help you drive online traffic to your product or service.

Drop us an email at:

As the world moves away from third-party advertising data, we understand the importance of targeted solutions to maximize your advertising budget. Ready to reach our audience of scientists and science-curious individuals?

We have several advertising blocks available throughout our pages and within articles. Listings start at US$50 per month for in-article blocks and US$500 per month for sitewide banners. Please get in touch with us for analytics data and a no-obligation discussion.

Our existing evergreen content provides affiliate marketing opportunities with guaranteed organic traffic. We offer a set-and-forget affiliate link program with a flat fee structure, billed annually. Prices for affiliate backlinks range from US$50 to US$150 yearly, depending on the analytics data for that particular post.

We implement a limit of only one affiliate backlink per post to maintain exclusivity for your product/service. We will review affiliate links at the end of each 1-year billing cycle and provide a revised rate for the following year. Current holders of the article backlink will be offered first refusal.

We offer our publishing services to create SEO-friendly articles highlighting the importance of your product or service. Note that such posts will be informative and objective; we do not publish product reviews at FTLOScience. We’ve previously showcased children’s books, educational apps and technical software in this manner.

Prices for product-focused articles range from US$150 to US$450, depending on the content source (if co-produced) and additional research required. Any backlinks within the post are free for the first year and subsequently billed in 1-year cycles (see Affiliate Links). The article will be maintained on our website indefinitely.