Guest Writers

arranged alphabetically by last name

Jay Alfred

Jay is a Chartered Accountant who has an intense love for Science. He has been doing extensive research on Dark Matter and Plasma Physics, as well as Quantum Cognition, for almost 2 decades. In his free time, he composes songs and plays the electric guitar.

Catarina Cunha

Catarina is an Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry at NYU. She completed her Masters at Ruhr-University-Bochum and her PhD at NYU. She has worked on novel epigenetic drugs for OCD and anxiety, and tech-related inhibition of visual signaling in the mammalian brain.

liam critchley guest writer

Liam Critchley

Liam is a Freelance Writer who specializes in chemistry and nanotechnology and has published over 450 articles to date. Liam is currently the Science Communications Officer for the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) and has worked with companies, media sites and associations worldwide.

denyse chang guest writer

Denyse Chang

Denyse is a Ph.D. student whose research lies in the field of cellular protein homeostasis. She recognizes the importance of presenting scientific ideas and research in a manner easily grasped by the general public. This has triggered her interest in producing SciComm pieces that are easy-to-read, yet scientifically sound.

Shan Chong

Shan is a postdoctoral research fellow studying neurodevelopmental disorders using stem cells. She is interested in helping non-scientists make sense of scientific research and has written articles on various topics. She also loves spending time in nature and can usually be found hiking or kayaking in the great outdoors.


Julián Gurgo

Julián is pursuing a PhD in biophysics in France, studying chromatin organization in Drosophila. Before that, he studied physics at Fa.M.A.F. in Córdoba, Argentina. He’s passionate about science, and he also enjoys reading, rock climbing, music and hiking. You can easily recognize him in the lab: he’s the one that’s walking around drinking mate.

Tamsyn Hawken

Tamsyn is in the final stage of her PhD in Health Psychology, taking a biopsychosocial approach to explore young carers, stress and resilience. She writes a blog about her PhD and promotes a holistic approach to postgraduate study and beyond. She also runs workshops on cultivating holistic resilience in the UK for charities, institutions and companies.

Samuel Hutchins-Daff

Samuel writes guides using practical chemistry demonstrations to help explain tricky concepts taught in high school. Along with his chemistry studies at the University of Warwick, his hobbies include writing, ant keeping and plant growing.


Rawdah Juma’at

Rawdah is taking a break from teaching to focus on her doctorate studies with UWA. Being a science teacher for over 10 years, she believes science should be accessible to everyone and that we all could do with reigniting our sense of wonder. 

Stephanie Ryan

Stephanie Ryan founded Ryan Education Consulting LLC and has a strong background in chemistry, biology, curriculum development and assessment. She enjoys developing educational products. She earned her PhD and MS from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her BS from Saint Mary’s College.


Dipti Tiwari

Dipti is a medical doctor specializing in Chemical Pathology. She holds an MBBS and MD from Mumbai, India. She is passionate about medical science and loves to keep herself updated with the latest research in the field. She is a medical editor and reviewer and has worked as a medical school teacher.

jovi wong guest writer

Jovi Wong

Jovi is an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, majoring in Life Sciences and minoring in Public Health. She has a deep interest in biomedical and molecular biology research. She hopes to be able to convey interesting scientific theories and facts to the public through SciComm.