FTLOScience (formerly ‘The Skeptical Chemist’) is a science publishing and education platform. We believe that – in addition to being fascinating – learning about science arms us with the tools necessary for logical thinking and evidence-based decision-making.

We publish 'popular science' articles across four categories that portray the natural world through science-tinted lenses, deconstructing complex topics into easy-to-understand pieces for the general public. 

Comprehensive guides on science topics at the university/college level, first building the foundations before tackling the hard stuff. Designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of scientific theories.

mole thinking of moles

Moles, Molarity and Molality

Chemistry usually involves tiny molecules and huge numbers. Using the humble mole unit makes otherwise complex calculations easy! Learn what moles represent, and their usefulness in molarity and molality calculations.

ftloscience image of cut lemon and citric acid molecule

Acids and Bases, pH and Buffers

When we study pH, what we’re really studying is the chemistry of water. Water is a good solvent that can dissolve many substances, and its ability to regulate its ions allows for a wide range of chemical reactions to take...