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  • pressure gauge diagram ftloscience post

How Does a Pressure Gauge Work?

November 20, 2022|

Found in a range of different machines—from fire extinguishers to engine oil—pressure gauges are simple yet valuable contraptions. They measure the pressure of a liquid or gas within pipelines and containers, ensuring systems around the [...]

  • black widow spider insecticide spray ftloscience post

Why Household Insecticides Don’t Kill Spiders

November 8, 2022|

If you’ve ever sprayed insecticide on a spider, you might have witnessed it simply shrugging it off and continuing its merry way. Household pesticides commonly contain pyrethroids, compounds that disrupt nerve cells in animals. So [...]

  • old man genetics living longer FOXO3 gene ftloscience post

Living Longer with FOXO3, The Gene of Youth

November 4, 2022|

Improving human longevity and quality-of-life has always been an important field of scientific research. Access to medicine, healthier lifestyles and proper nutrition have drastically improved life expectancies in the last century, but what if the [...]

  • where have alaskan snow crabs gone ftloscience post

Where Have All the Alaskan Snow Crabs Gone?

October 29, 2022|

For the first time in history, Alaska canceled its snow crab season in 2022, citing a 90% decline in the Alaskan snow crab population in the Arctic. Did they die off? Did they migrate? What [...]

  • different types of yeast ftloscience post

Baker’s Yeast Vs. Wine Yeast Vs. Wild Yeast

October 25, 2022|

Everyone loves the smell of fresh bread and wine, but the secret behind them is a fungus—yeast. Yeast is a critical ingredient for making bread and wine and has been used for thousands of years. [...]

  • kombucha bottle and yeast cells ftloscience post

Yeast and Bacteria Tea? The Chemistry of Kombucha

October 21, 2022|

“Up for some tea? Great, we’ll need yeast and bacteria.” It might sound gross, but many people enjoy their tea this way. Kombucha tea is a sweet, sparkly, and slightly acidic drink made from a [...]