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  • thermal paste chemistry ftloscience post

The Cool(ing) Chemistry of Computer Thermal Paste

February 24, 2023|

If you’ve ever built your own PC, you would have squeezed a tube of dodgy-looking dull-colored paste to cover the CPU before placing the heat sink on top. What role does thermal paste serve, and [...]

  • seaweed third generation biofuel ftloscience post

Energy Under the Sea? Seaweed as a Third-Generation Biofuel

February 4, 2023|

As the search for alternative energy sources grows more urgent, we could soon turn to the sea—seaweed, specifically—to address these needs. Seaweed grows remarkably quickly and has the potential to be a sustainable source of [...]

  • detergents in gasoline ftloscience post

Clean Gas: The Chemistry of Detergents in Gasoline

January 31, 2023|

Did you know that detergents are often added to gasoline? While they might not be identical to the ones used in laundry and dishwashing solutions, gasoline detergents help our car engines stay clean and free [...]

  • all about asian koel ftloscience post

The Asian Koel: All You Need to Know About THAT Noisy Bird

January 22, 2023|

Woo-OOo! If you’ve lived in Asia, chances are you’ve been rudely awakened by the incessant cooing of this noisy bird. Both males and females have distinct calls (you’ve probably been annoyed by both); they look [...]