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Clean Gas: The Chemistry of Detergents in Gasoline

Did you know that detergents are often added to gasoline? While they might not be identical to the ones used in laundry and dishwashing solutions, gasoline detergents help our car engines stay clean and free from combustion byproducts. We discuss the different types of additives and the chemistry of detergents in gasoline in this article. […]

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Early Drug Discovery Strategies: The Search for Suitable Drug Candidates

At its core, the drug discovery process is remarkably straightforward: find a safe molecule with therapeutic benefits and turn it into medicine for patients. So why, then, do so many drug candidates fail? How can we improve early drug discovery, ensuring suitable drug candidates with better chances of successful clinical trial outcomes? […]

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Drug Polymorphism: What it is and How to Control Polymorphs

Drug polymorphism occurs when a single chemical compound arranges itself into multiple crystal polymorphs under different conditions. It is a required field of study within pharmacology, as polymorphic forms can drastically change a drug’s safety and efficacy. This article discusses drug polymorphs and how they can be controlled in pharmaceutical manufacturing. […]

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The Asian Koel: All You Need to Know About THAT Noisy Bird

Woo-OOo! If you’ve lived in Asia, chances are you’ve been rudely awakened by the incessant cooing of this noisy bird. Both males and females have distinct calls (you’ve probably been annoyed by both); they look very different too! Learn all about the Asian Koel in this article. […]

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How to Calculate the Rate Constant for Two-Compartment Model Drugs

When drugs enter our bodies, we can trace their behavior as they are absorbed into our bloodstream before being metabolized and removed. Most drugs follow linear processes (zero order, first order, second order, etc.) consistent with a one-compartment model. However, some drugs follow two-compartment models, which makes pharmacokinetic calculations like finding the rate constant more complicated. […]

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