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Your Lab is Relocating—Should You Follow Your PI?

Your PI has accepted a job at another institution and has offered you a position in their new lab. As a graduate student or research staff, news like this isn’t uncommon; such is the nature of working in academia. Should you follow them or stay at the same university but work with a different PI? We break down the personal and research considerations that will help you make this difficult decision. […]

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Energy Under the Sea? Seaweed as a Third-Generation Biofuel

As the search for alternative energy sources grows more urgent, we could soon turn to the sea—seaweed, specifically—to address these needs. Seaweed grows remarkably quickly and has the potential to be a sustainable source of algae-derived renewable energy, known as third-generation biofuel. This article discusses the feasibility and scalability of using seaweed as a biofuel. […]

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Clean Gas: The Chemistry of Detergents in Gasoline

Did you know that detergents are often added to gasoline? While they might not be identical to the ones used in laundry and dishwashing solutions, gasoline detergents help our car engines stay clean and free from combustion byproducts. We discuss the different types of additives and the chemistry of detergents in gasoline in this article. […]

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Early Drug Discovery Strategies: The Search for Suitable Drug Candidates

At its core, the drug discovery process is remarkably straightforward: find a safe molecule with therapeutic benefits and turn it into medicine for patients. So why, then, do so many drug candidates fail? How can we improve early drug discovery, ensuring suitable drug candidates with better chances of successful clinical trial outcomes? […]

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Drug Polymorphism: What it is and How to Control Polymorphs

Drug polymorphism occurs when a single chemical compound arranges itself into multiple crystal polymorphs under different conditions. It is a required field of study within pharmacology, as polymorphic forms can drastically change a drug’s safety and efficacy. This article discusses drug polymorphs and how they can be controlled in pharmaceutical manufacturing. […]

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