The Team

Linda Quan

Linda is science graduate with a love for physics, chemistry and writing. She is currently studying a Master of Publishing at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her hobbies include photography, hiking and watching Netflix on a Saturday night.

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Sean Lim
Chief Editor

Sean works as a technical consultant for clients in the pharmaceutical industry and is an adjunct lecturer at a local university, where unfortunate undergrads are subject to his ramblings.

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Former Members
Shi Min
Digital Marketing Intern (Jun 2018 to Oct 2018)
Samuel Hutchins-Daff
Junior Science Writer (Oct 2018 to Dec 2018)
Katharina Webhofer
Science Writer (Jul 2018 to Oct 2019)
Nicole Chan
Junior Science Writer (Jul 2020 to Aug 2020)
Alejandra Rodriguez Sosa
Science Writer (Oct 2018 to Apr 2021)