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  • AI in drug discovery chemical synthesis

Demystifying AI in Drug Discovery: Chemical Synthesis

March 5, 2023|

How can we use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve drug discovery and development? In this installment of our deep dive, we describe how AI and machine learning (ML) can improve chemical synthesis R&D, an area [...]

  • drug polymorphism ftloscience post

Drug Polymorphism: What it is and How to Control Polymorphs

January 25, 2023|

Drug polymorphism occurs when a single chemical compound arranges itself into multiple crystal polymorphs under different conditions. It is a required field of study within pharmacology, as polymorphic forms can drastically change a drug’s safety [...]

  • extended release drugs ftloscience post

Pros and Cons of Extended-Release Drug Products

January 16, 2023|

Oral medication is often considered the ideal drug product as it is easy and convenient to administer. Extended-release tablets go one step further, extending the duration of the therapeutic effect. This article discusses how extended-release [...]

  • tablet excipients ftloscience post

An Overview of Tablet Excipients in Drug Formulation

January 13, 2023|

Tablets (or pills) are made by compressing several chemical ingredients together. Apart from the active ingredient, the rest of the tablet comprises excipients or ‘non-active’ components. But even though they don’t directly provide a therapeutic [...]

  • choosing between hard and soft gel capsules ftloscience post

Choosing Between Hard and Soft Gel Capsules

December 10, 2022|

When was the last time you swallowed a capsule? Capsules are a common drug delivery system used in various supplements and pharmaceutical products. How are they produced, what types of drugs can they contain, and [...]