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  • silica gel penicillin hydrolysis ftloscience post

Preventing Chemical Degradation of Drug Products

November 26, 2022|

While developing a drug product, we often overlook the chemical stability of the ingredients. Many drug components are susceptible to reactions like hydrolysis and oxidation, reducing the drug’s overall effectiveness before reaching the patient. How [...]

  • PET plastic pharmaceutical packaging ftloscience post

Different Types of Plastic in Pharmaceutical Packaging

November 18, 2022|

The discovery of plastic over 100 years ago was a manufacturing miracle. Being cheap to produce yet versatile, plastic is still the most popular material in almost every industry; pharmaceutical packaging is no exception. Both [...]

  • chemistry of colored glass ftloscience post

Producing Colored Glass with Chemical Additives

November 14, 2022|

The earliest record of glass production dates to 3600 BC in the Mediterranean, later finding widespread use through the Roman Empire’s large-scale manufacture of the material. Its stability and chemical characteristics make it an excellent [...]

  • blister packs plastic bottles ftloscience post

Blister Pack or Bottle? How to Choose Drug Packaging

November 6, 2022|

Part of developing a drug involves choosing the proper packaging for it. Blister packs are convenient and keep pills free from contaminants. Plastic bottles are cheap but can react with the medication inside. Glass is [...]

  • tablet manufacturing ftloscience post

Tablet Manufacturing—How Pills are Made

November 2, 2022|

Tablets are the most common form of drug delivery; many of us take pills regularly, whether as drugs or supplements. Pharmaceutical companies also favor tablet manufacturing because the process is usually cheaper and faster compared [...]