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Are Your Experiments Failing? You Might Be on Track to Win a Nobel Prize

As a young scientist, I know what struggling in science feels like. The path can sometimes be lonely, demanding, or simply hard. In those moments, I find hearing about others’ paths in science helpful. The same challenging situations I faced were also part of other people’s paths. And if they managed to overcome them, so can I. In this article, I highlight some stories about serendipity and science that might give a new perspective to your research and why failing an experiment may not be the worst thing. […]

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clari junior science writer
María Clara Miserendino
Junior Science Writer

Clari is an undergraduate in Biotechnology at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina. Her research interests are in bioinformatics and computational biology. Clari is also deeply committed to SciComm, having worked with thousands of Latin American students.

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