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  • lab grown meat vegan ftloscience post

Lab-Grown Meat isn’t Vegan (But Plant-Based Meat is)

October 15, 2022|

Following in the footsteps of plant-based meat, lab-grown meat is the next meat alternative that might soon be available in groceries and supermarkets. Lab-grown and plant-based meat are often mistaken for each other, especially since [...]

  • pumpkin spice chemicals ftloscience post

The Chemistry of Pumpkin Spice (Halloween Special)

October 11, 2022|

Halloween is just around the corner! The season of jack-o’-lanterns, trick-or-treating and good scares also heralds the return of pumpkin spice. We find excuses to use this uniquely delicious blend of spices in lattes, pies [...]

  • FDA USDA lab grown meat ftloscience post

Does Lab-Grown Meat Contain Harmful Chemicals?

October 9, 2022|

In 2020, Singapore became the first country to allow the sale of meat completely grown in a lab—in the form of chicken nuggets. If the media is to be believed, lab-grown meat could soon make [...]

  • branched hydrocarbons car engine ftloscience post

Why Branched Hydrocarbons Are Better for Car Engines

October 3, 2022|

With crude oil prices reaching record highs earlier this year, it’s no surprise that we want to get the most mileage from our gas (petrol). Our car engines run on gasoline, a mixture of carbon-rich [...]

  • coffee beans and grounds and cup of espresso ftloscience post

Brewing the Perfect Espresso, With Chemistry!

September 12, 2022|

“My God, that’s the best coffee I’ve ever tasted; why the hell are we making meth?” Coffee is widely consumed and loved (even by drug kingpins), yet no one can agree on what makes an [...]