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Power Posing – Amy Cuddy’s Pseudoscience

You might have stumbled upon one of her TED talks in recent times, the ones in which psychologist Amy Cuddy talks about ‘power posing’. Admittedly, the argument that she weaves is rather convincing, and her helpful advice for dealing with...

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What Happened To Our Penis Bone?

Technically speaking, a human penis can’t actually be ‘broken’. That’s because we don’t have a penis bone; our male reproductive organ is instead made of soft, spongy tissue. But it turns out that our close and not-so-close relatives in the...

ftloscience chemistry of baking post cake

Chemistry is A Piece of Cake – The Science of Baking

When you think about it, baking involves a ton of precision: measurements, timing as well as a certain poise that all come together to yield a delectable product. All this seems remarkably similar to a chemistry experiment, yet few pastry...