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Evaluating Modafinil as a Smart Drug, 20 Years On

Modafinil (Provigil) first entered the U.S. markets in 1998 after FDA approval. Although it was originally intended for narcolepsy and related sleep disorders, it quickly garnered a reputation as an off-label ‘smart drug’. Using more than two decades of scientific...

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The Process and Costs of Drug Development

The total cost of developing a new drug averages $2 billion USD. In addition, the process of taking a synthesized compound to the market as a drug can take years, even decades. With such high risk and no promise of...

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Zebrafish: Lab Rats of The Future, Today

“Such an exotic name!” you exclaim, “Surely it must be some elusive endangered African species that can only be found in two specific wetlands in the Congo Basin?” Well, the zebrafish is indeed exotic, but in a different context –...