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Green Chemistry in Synthesis – The 12 Principles

In the 1990s, chemists began to better understand the impact of their activities on safety and sustainability, and took steps to address these issues. What followed was the adoption of certain practices that improved safety and reduced the environmental impact...

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Ozone Chemistry in the Stratosphere

In 1985, British scientists Joe Farman, Jon Shanklin and Brian Gardiner reported that a growing ozone hole was present in the stratosphere above the South pole. This discovery directly led to the Montreal protocol, resulting in worldwide bans of ozone-depleting...

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91? 95? E20?? A Guide to Petrol Ratings

You drive into a gas (petrol) station and without hesitation, fill your car’s tank with 91 rated fuel – unleaded, of course. And no way are you touching that E10 or E20, they’re dodgy and will mess with your engine!...