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drug detective frances kelsey thalidomide

The True Story of Drug Detective Frances Kelsey

What is the role of regulation in drug development? It may seem like a big obstacle in the path to discovering and delivering novel medicines to patients, potentially delaying treatment and prolonging their discomfort. This is the true story of...

pills cash process costs drug development ftloscience

The Process and Costs of Drug Development

The total cost of developing a new drug averages $2 billion USD. In addition, the process of taking a synthesized compound to the market as a drug can take years, even decades. With such high risk and no promise of...

CRISPR gene editing engineering therapy

What’s the Big Deal About Gene Therapy?

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes have invested heavily in gene therapy research. The main reason for this is the immense potential to create cures for supposedly incurable genetic diseases. Targeting the source of diseases at the genetic...