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Why We Love Sweet Foods but Hate Vegetables

Throughout our evolutionary history, our ancestors faced numerous challenges that impeded their survival, such as extreme climate and potential predators. In terms of food, they also faced two distinct types of dangers. On one hand, food is essential to sustain...

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The Rise and Fall of Tributyltin

A long-standing area of research is that of stannanes – or organotin compounds. First discovered almost 200 years ago, they continue to be relevant in industry and academia today. Although the mono- and tetra- substituted derivatives of tin are relatively...

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Why is Methanol Toxic, But Not Ethanol?

Ethanol (alcohol) is a poison that is widely consumed all around the world. However drinking methanol the same way leads to poisoning of a different, irreversible kind. We look at the chemistry and biochemistry involved in two very similar molecules, and...