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Baker’s Yeast Vs. Wine Yeast Vs. Wild Yeast

Everyone loves the smell of fresh bread and wine, but the secret behind them is a fungus—yeast. Yeast is a critical ingredient for making bread and wine and has been used for thousands of years. However, not all yeasts are suitable for human consumption. Which of these should we use? We look at the differences between baker’s yeast, wine yeast and wild yeast. […]

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Yeast and Bacteria Tea? The Chemistry of Kombucha

“Up for some tea? Great, we’ll need yeast and bacteria.” It might sound gross, but many people enjoy their tea this way. Kombucha tea is a sweet, sparkly, and slightly acidic drink made from a culture of live microorganisms. In this article, we’ll look into the chemistry of kombucha, from the microbial processes to the food safety protocols that make the drink safe. […]

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Lab-Grown Meat isn’t Vegan (But Plant-Based Meat is)

Following in the footsteps of plant-based meat, lab-grown meat is the next meat alternative that might soon be available in groceries and supermarkets. Lab-grown and plant-based meat are often mistaken for each other, especially since they are both labeled as sustainable meat alternatives. However, one is considered vegan, while the other is not. […]

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Does Lab-Grown Meat Contain Harmful Chemicals?

In 2020, Singapore became the first country to allow the sale of meat completely grown in a lab—in the form of chicken nuggets. If the media is to be believed, lab-grown meat could soon make its way to dining tables across the world. But what is lab-grown (cultured) meat anyway? Does it contain harmful chemicals? Is it safe to eat? This article discusses how we ensure the safety of lab-grown meat through regulation. […]

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3-Person IVF: Inheriting DNA from 2 Mothers

In 2016, a baby was born to three parents: two mothers and a father. Doctors used a new 3-person in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure to deliver a boy carrying three sets of genetic material. This article will explore how and why we perform 3-person IVF, the medical and ethical issues surrounding it, and the limits of modifying DNA. […]

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