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Fixing How We Learn (and Teach) Chemistry—A Game Electrons Play

Chemistry lessons—at both high school and college level—often begin with atomic structure and bond classification. This foundation proves inadequate for predicting reactions and breaks down entirely when used to explain more advanced physical chemistry concepts, such as quantum theory. By...

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Moles, Molarity and Molality in Chemical Calculations

Chemistry usually involves tiny molecules and huge numbers. It would be a mathematical nightmare if we had to deal with individual atoms! Luckily, we have the humble mole unit to help make otherwise complex calculations easy. This guide first explains...

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How Scientific Illiteracy is Causing Society to Fail

Despite the prevalence of science-driven inventions and advancements that shape our society, there is a worrying lack of public knowledge—and even interest—in scientific thinking. But the result isn’t as trivial as the general public not knowing what makes the sky...