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  • asian flush and DNA ftloscience post

Preventing Asian Flush with Gene Therapy

November 12, 2022|

While enjoyable to many, drinking is an unpleasant experience for some—associated with nausea, dizziness and pronounced red patches on the face and neck. Often termed ‘Asian Flush’ due to its prevalence in the Asian population, [...]

  • tamper proof drug packaging

Why is Tamper Proof Packaging Important?

November 10, 2022|

Tamper-proof packaging has been a regulatory requirement for over-the-counter drugs since 1989, following several high-profile cases of patients being poisoned by tampered drugs. There are several ways we can ensure drugs are tamper-proof or tamper-evident, [...]

3-Person IVF: Inheriting DNA from 2 Mothers

October 5, 2022|

In 2016, a baby was born to three parents: two mothers and a father. Doctors used a new 3-person in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure to deliver a boy carrying three sets of genetic material. This [...]

  • vial of smallpox vaccine and scientist operating electron microscope ftloscience post

Why We Still Talk About Smallpox, Years After Eradicating the Virus

August 25, 2022|

The smallpox virus terrorized humankind for thousands of years. Even if victims survived the infection, smallpox often led to permanent blindness and disfigurement. This plague upon humanity finally ended in 1980 after a worldwide vaccination [...]

  • identical drugs pattern ftloscience me too drugs post

Me-Too Drugs: An Innovation Killing Strategy?

November 23, 2020|

Scientific advancement is built upon past knowledge. The successes (and failures) of generations of scientists shape how we understand the world today. This is also true in medicinal chemistry, where new drugs are constantly being [...]