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Everyday Science articles explain the science behind common phenomena, such as what makes methanol toxic? Or why the color blue is so rare in nature?

rice husk vintage car biofuel ftloscience post

Producing Biofuel from Rice Husk—A Substitute For Gas?

The next Tesla may come from Asia, with the potential to produce 36 million tons of biofuel annually from rice husk. Rice husk has long been treated as an agricultural waste product, despite its high energy content making it an...

coffee beans and grounds and cup of espresso ftloscience post

Brewing the Perfect Espresso, With Chemistry!

“My God, that’s the best coffee I’ve ever tasted; why the hell are we making meth?” Coffee is widely consumed and loved (even by drug kingpins), yet no one can agree on what makes an ideal cup. The problem lies...

komodo dragon and phospholipase A2 protein structure ftloscience post

Komodo Dragons Are Cold-Blooded Killers With Venomous Proteins

On the tropical island of Komodo in Indonesia, just a few hours’ boat ride from the tourist hotspot of Bali, Komodo dragons rule the roost. These large reptiles are apex predators, hunting and devouring almost anything in their path. Their...

suncreen spray on woman's back

Soaking Up the Sun—The Chemistry Behind Sunscreen

It’s that time of the year again when longer days and warm sunshine beckon us outdoors. Promising progress of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts has led to the palpable hope that this summer will not be like the last, spent physically isolated...